Torque wrench - what it is

In the specialized service centers and industrial automotive and other enterprises, a special tool called a best torque wrench is used. From our present material we will understand what it is, its different types and only for professional work is it intended ..

What is the dynamometer key
The shortest explanation is that it is a wrench with an attached dynamometer. You probably already suspect that threaded connections with accurate measured torque are tightened. Such a measurement is necessary, for example, in the maintenance of vehicles and other complex devices requiring the application of an exact clamping force on some of their threaded connections.

The force measurement unit is Newton per square meter and if the applied value is greater or less than the recommended one, serious damage to the thread or insufficiently tightened nuts and bolts can be caused. This is why the use of this specialized tool is so important.

It consists of:

elongated metal handle with plastic or rubberized finish

metal housing;

a square for fitting the various tips;

a scale showing the torque values ​​- it may vary from one species to another, but they will be discussed below.

What types are there?
To date, the following species are known:

firing - its scale is an arrow and is a relatively inexpensive alternative, but measurement mistakes are 6-8% and is therefore suitable for cases where great precision of clamping is not required;

spring - Here, the setting of the desired value is set by the handle of the handle, which is rotated until the desired parameter is reached. In this case, the discrepancy in the precision of reporting is reduced to 4%, making it a good option for active use in auto-service centers. It has a special snap stop that prevents the set tightening parameter from being exceeded;

digital - distinguished with the highest level of precision, it is extremely suitable for car repairs. The probability of misalignment and tightening strength is about 1%, and its extra features, such as uploading Excel data, sequential action programming, and others, make it an extremely professional and handy tool.

Only professionals use it
Typically, experts only use it because they need it several times a day, but it also occurs among home-based self-employed freelancers. Such an assistant is not expensive and anyone who wants to own it can afford it. All sizes of the nozzles are included in the kit, so it is ready for use even when purchased.

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