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Hollingdean Abattoir Area and the LBSCR Coalgas Works.




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Welcome to the 3rd installment of the "ghost-trains" group of websites. The concept of ghost-trains was originally a monsterous 9 year thesis on what remained of Brighton & Hove's old railway network. Following the dreaded Beeching Cuts, most of the more romantic parts of the network were unceremoniously closed down or ripped up as they weren't productive enough and for a long time, many of them existed as patches of waste ground or else became industrial estates dotted around the Brighton area.

Some were fortunate enough to be reincarnated as cycle paths or public walkways as in the case of The Dyke Railway Trail and the Brighton Lower Goods Line. However, whatever happened to these sites eventually, most of them have had books written about them, or documentaries or dozens of web pages dedicated to them on the internet.... Except one.


I find this rather odd, seeing as this is where one of the most famous railways in the world began. The Kemptown Branch Line broke off from the Lewes Main Line in Hollingdean and as a result, many long forgotten industries sprang up around the railway installations in this area. None of them got much of a mention anywhere....... until now.

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